To all of our esteemed clients,

It’s no mystery that threading versus waxing has always been a great debate. There are many pros to choosing threading over waxing but when a regular Brow Boutique customer came to us with a story about an unfortunate incident involving waxing, we knew we had to share it so that we could settle the debate once and for all.


The image featured above is of one of our regular clients. Recently, in-between threading appointments, she switched to waxing because she was unable to get to our boutique. She had beautiful thick eyebrows from start to end but the waxing ripped half off the end of her brow.

While she is extremely disappointed in her haste decision and vowed never to wax again, we were able to swoop in and save the day! As part of fixing her brows, the only way was for us to wait until the hair grew back.

Both pictures are from the second sitting following the waxing trip gone wrong. You can see a few of the hairs have come back. We managed to give her an arch and make it look decent.

We often tell our clients that a major difference in threading vs. waxing is that threading is very precise and the specialist has complete control over which hair needs to be removed. Waxing, on the other hand, is not so straightforward and even under the control of an expert artist, one can only hope and pray that the right hairs stay.

We wanted to share this incident so the rest of us can learn from it! Thank you to our client who was kind enough to share her pictures and allow us to tell her story.

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