eyebrow and eyelash rejuvenator

Price: $ 36.00

The Brow Boutique Rejuvenator is an all natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts based on ancient formula for hair regrowth & health.

  • Nutrient-rich oils moisturizes hair promoting a healthy growth
  • Oil moisturizes hair creating soft healthy eyebrows and lashes
  • Nutrient rich oils promote hair growth
  • Anti inflammatory properties heal follicles
  • Contains horsetail extract – a known hair growth stimulator
  • Massage gently into brows
  • Hair growth results will begin at about 8 weeks*

*Note: If a hair follicle actually has died, it will not regrow hair.  No products can make a hair follicle come back to life. The follicle however can still be alive but not growing hairs. The reasons cited below are the most common reasons for a follicle not growing a hair or growing it out thinly.

How The Brow Boutique Rejuvenator Works



Note: For health reasons, unsealed products may not be returned.