To my valued Brow Boutique clients and followers,

This was by far the best Mother’s Day ever!!

My heart felt gratitude to all of our lovely clients who donated flowers and bouquet donations in honor of Mother’s Day. Because of you all, we had a wonderful experience which we will continue to cherish for days to come.

Yesterday, we visited the nursing home, Attic Angel, to present flowers to those special women who had no children and to those who had no family visiting them. We made them cards and my 6-year old rehearsed his lines to impress them!

In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect. It was hard to imagine the difference we could make in their lives, since we were just a stranger visiting them. But now I know not to underestimate a stranger’s capacity to impact another’s life, because the effects can be tenfold.

I would’ve never predicted how amazing the effects of our visit would be. I was accompanied by my husband and my two children – six years old and three years old. We were overwhelmed by how appreciative they were for our visit. Perhaps they felt lonely or abandoned before but now tears of gratitude glistened in their eyes. Maybe all people need is to know they are cared for, even by a stranger.

They were selfless enough to tell me to take care of myself and my little ones even though they were the ones in wheelchairs.

All in all, it was an incredible experience and one I hope to continue. I could even see this visit did affect my 6-year old’s emotions and it was a wonderful learning opportunity for him: a chance to understand empathy and what happens as people get older, as well as how everyone regardless of age deserves our love and respect.

I realized the rewards of giving is a two-way street. You’ll be surprised by how much you’ll get back – whether it’s a new outlook on life or a warm smile – when you offer up your time and love!


Aashu Sadnoor
Owner, The Brow Boutique

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